Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Newlywed Fun

Brad and I are trying to keep fit ( or get more fit). Sometimes that includes taking a walk around the neighborhood when the evening sets in with cooler temperatures. Last night was one of those nights.....but with a new twist.

We typically take 2 laps around the neighborhood. We have measured it out with a pedometer and it is 1.5 miles. Last night, we were too close to Dancing with the Stars start time to make two laps so at the end of one lap we headed back up the driveway to find....

We were locked out of the house!
Brad had grabbed the wrong set of keys. Luckily, we had the car key and had not closed the garage. We drove over to Jack and Christina's house with our heads hung in shame ( not mine so much as my hubby's) and got the spare, said hello and good night to our furry nephew Marley and went home.
I think this is one of those things we will be able to laugh at later. I think it is pretty funny now. But one Mr. Dillard didn't find the humor in it.


cdillard said...

Oh, it was funny! I'm sure Brad will laugh about it before long . . . just remind him that he had to unlock my house not too long ago when I was locked out! :)

The Rayburns said...

I love it!